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Glass Artist
"Towards the Breaking Point" was presented in conjunction with the Glass Art Society's 2004 conference in New Orleans.  All pieces are made from glass, steel, stainless and found objects.

Artist Statement


From early childhood, people are taught to keep away from works of art. They are always told, “Get back. Don’t touch the art! You might damage it!” This creates a sense of physical separation or even trepidation when dealing with works of art in a formal setting. This phenomenon becomes most acute when dealing with glass art. There is an excessive amount of attention given to the fact that glass is fragile. Viewers automatically perceive an invisible red rope, which necessarily separates them from a glass piece. Some artists who use glass even exploit this perception to give their pieces a sense of preciousness and mystery. It is my hope that, with the “Spring-Rod” sculptures, people can be reprogrammed. The Spring-Rods are a series of kinetic glass sculptures that incorporate 3-5 foot glass poles attached to springs. Viewers are invited to pull the glass pole to the side and release it, sending it swinging gracefully or wildly, depending on the piece. Of course, the viewer must then really get back or the glass pole will likely hit him as it returns. These works, therefore, engage viewers and ask (or even dare) them to deal head-on with the issue of fragility in glass sculpture and their sense of physical disconnect from works of art.